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How to use Internet Connection Sharing with MediaNet on Windows Mobile 6.1

Laptops, Mobile Devices, Phones, Windows 7 Jan 27, 2009 No Comments

Upon upgrading my AT&T Q9 to Windows Mobile 6.1, I noticed that Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) only allowed me to tether the phone to a laptop usinf ATT ICS. Unfortunately, I don’t want to pay 59.99/month to get that feature. So I came across this work around.

Items Needed: A Windows Mobile Registry Editor. I prefer SmartReg

1. Open your registry editor and navigate to:

2. Choose Values, and select the string labeled “ForcedCellConnection”

3. Remove ATT ICS from the string and replace it with “” (yes thats two quotes)

4. Click Done

5. Exit the registry editor and reboot the phone. Thats it!