Nathan Miller Consulting offers a wide array of services to our private clients. Our staff is highly experienced ensuring our consulting will be fast and thorough.

Unlike many competitors, we dont charge you a fee to figure out the problem, then and even larger fee to actually fix the problem.  We pride ourselves on being straight forward, which ends up saving you money!


Wireless Installation Services

Flat Rate Wireless Network Installation/Replacement
Site Survey and Documentation
Network Functionality Testing

New Computer Purchase and Setup Assistance

Not sure what computer to buy? No Problem! We have the expertise to help you get a system that best meets your needs and your budget! One your computer arrives we will help you set it up and ensure your computer is secure and running at its highest performance!

Virus and Malware Removal and Protection

Think you might have a virus?  We have the experience of removing viruses from hundreds of clients computers.  Once it is removed we will educate you on how to ensure they do not return!

Data Backup Services

With more and more of your life being on the computer, make sure you have a disaster recovery plan!  We can assist you in making sure your data is backed up and will be there when you need it most!

System Troubleshooting / Optimization

System not running like it was on the first day?  We can help!  We will carefully go through your computer and find what is ailing your system, helping return your system to optimal performance!

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